[FFmpeg-devel] sending the SFLC after license violators

Diego Biurrun diego
Thu Mar 26 14:46:27 CET 2009

We have a few violators on the issue tracker that are ripe for being
taken over by the SFLC instead of being engaged in a friendly manner by

I'm thinking specifically of iPhone Video Recorder, which seems to
employ some symbol mangling, see
and that party that seems to publish software under a dozen different

There is one problem, however: Nobody gives a hoot.

You guys cannot even be bothered to say who has talked to the SFLC, who
has sent them the papers, who received confirmation or receipt and who
was told from the SFLC that they already have sufficient clients.

There is a list on the multimedia wiki that shows how much energy
everybody is dedicating to this topic:


A total of three people registered their name there.  Thanks to Aurelien
and Ronald for taking the time to do this and thanks for showing exactly
how much you care to the others.

This is extremely frustrating.  I asked the SFLC who they are
representing, but they cannot tell because the relationship between
lawyer and client is confidential.  Now I'm afraid they have a handful
of clients whose copyrights do not cover much of FFmpeg.  Michael is
missing for example.  If the SFLC embarks on this representing just
minority copyright holders, they are in a less than ideal situation.

So get busy and write a frigging *single* mail, add a *single* line to
the wiki.  If it's not possible to get you to do that, fine, look for
somebody else to handle legal issues, I'm not continuing like this.

frustrated and disappointed, Diego

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