[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH] Indeo5 decoder

Maxim max_pole
Fri Mar 27 16:41:18 CET 2009

Hello guys,

here the updated patch for the Indeo5 decoder.
These things were fixed:

- dequant tables are static for now (pointed by Reimer)
- cosmetics like vertical alignment, "else" in the same line, some code
- "av_free" replaced by "av_freep" all the time
- the bitreverse function uses "ff_reverse" for now
- "valtab" of the rvmap_tables changed from "int16_t" to "int8_t"
(pointed by Vitor)
- added a function for comparing two IVIPicConfig structures
- some other changes (use memcpy, memcmp an so on)

The following things were kept as is:

- replacement of the deprecated INIT_VLC_USE_STATIC flag through the
newer INIT_VLC_USE_NEW_STATIC/INIT_VLC_STATIC was failed (crash) because
the indeo huffman tables are in the little endian format (pointed my
- "val = (val * q) + (q >> 1) - (q & 1)"  and  "val = (val * q) - (q >>
1) + (q & 1)" produce different results therefore the 2nd one cannot be
removed (pointed by Michael). Any help optimizing that would be appreciated
- no simplifications/factorizations of the transform functions/motion
compensation so far. Any suggestions of how to make them smaller/better
would by very appreciated...

Any further reviews plz!

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