[FFmpeg-devel] Question: Optimal Huffman Table for (M)JPEG: GSoC Qual task

Indrani Kundu Saha indranikundusaha
Sun Mar 29 03:23:13 CEST 2009

For creating the optimal huffman encoding, I am doing the following:
+ After encoding the frame, the probability of each byte/word is put
in a temp buffer. The temp buffer is created using av_malloc().
+Huffman Tree is built over the symbols and code words assigned to each symbol.

- Is it correct to create the temp buffer using av_malloc() as a link
list of symbols?
- I am using all the symbols present after the header and before the
EOI marker (0xFFD9). This includes all the AC/DC coeff for Y/C_b/C_r.
- When I am re-encoding the image  with the optimal Huffman tree, as
created above, I am writing dumping the codeword associated with each
symbol. For eg, if word 'DA' gets code word 1001, then I am doing
    put_bits(p, 8, 3E9);
This is done over all the symbols. This greatly reduces the encoded image size.
Is this correct?

-  Do I need to replace the DHT with the optimum huffman table so that
the decoder can understand? If not, how does the decoder understand
the optimum table?


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