[FFmpeg-devel] Can ffmpeg create an MPEG Transport Stream?

Christian Iversen chrivers
Sun Mar 29 20:26:29 CEST 2009

Dear ffmpeg devs

Following a discussion on the user list (see "Remuxing for the PS3"), I 
have come to the conclusion that I don't believe ffmpeg can create an 
mpeg-ts with ac3 and h264 (profile 4.1) inside.

A quick resume:

   The goal, as suggested in the post on the user list, is to remux
   content  for my PS3, so I can stream 720p HD video files to it.

   I currently have the video content in 720p matroska containers, and
   I'm looking for a transcode-free (remux-only) solution to make the
   material play on my PS3.

   After having tried nigh on every combination of parameters for ffmpeg
   (again, see the user list), it seems that no one is able to remux this
   stream into a playable mpeg-ts, mp4 or vob file.

   Eventually, I was guided in the direction of the free-as-in-cost tool
   TsMuxer, which indeed makes a playable mpeg transport stream from my
   matroska container.

   Now, I'm really not a fan of proprietary solutions, so I'm really
   hoping ffmpeg can do this, or be made to do this.

Now for the question:

   Is it really true that ffmpeg cannot produce an mpeg transport stream
   with ac3 and h264? If so, what work needs to be done, and is there
   some way I can help, so I can finally use ffmpeg instead of tsmuxer?

Thank you all in advance.

Med venlig hilsen
Christian Iversen

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