[FFmpeg-devel] Question: Optimal Huffman Table for (M)JPEG: GSoC Qual task

Indrani Kundu Saha indranikundusaha
Sun Mar 29 20:39:39 CEST 2009

I created the Huffman table in the following fashion:

ff_huff_build_tree(s->avctx, &vlc, 256, mjpeg_opthuff.huff, cmp,

I tried using :
get_vlc2(s->avctx, vlc.table, vlc.bits, 1);
get_vlc2(s->avctx, vlc.table, vlc.bits, 2);
to print the symbol/code value.

But I am not obtaining any meaningful output.

How do I print the <symbol:code> tuple for all the symbols?


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