[FFmpeg-devel] VQA v3 GSoC questions, need help

Vitor Sessak vitor1001
Sun Mar 29 22:03:01 CEST 2009

The Deep Explorer wrote:
>> The demuxer has to recognize the chunks to know if it is audio or video and
>> send it to the right decoder. When the demuxer (libavformat/westwood.c) find
>> a chunk it does not know, it just skip it, and it is what it is doing for
>> VQFR chunks. Those chunks have to be send by the demuxer to video decoder
>> (and the decoder should be modified to be able to decode them). So you
>> should also do a few modifications to libavformat/westwood.c .
>> -Vitor
> The VQFR chunk is getting detected in the wsvqa_read_packet where it
> detects the other snd tags.

Yes, I got confused. Indeed the current code already detect VQFR tags. 
What I said applies to the VQFL tag.

> In the  wsvqa_read_header where it catches the unknown types I added the
> VQFL_TAG it is able to find it. What does this mean ? That in the
> header these is a VQFL
> and within which the first CBFZ is located ? If so how do I pass that
> data to the decoder ?

"VQFL" is a chunk tag
"CBFZ" is a _sub_ chunk tag. So it should be _inside_ other chunks (and 
since chunks are passed to the decoder, they should be handled in the 
decoder not the demuxer)

> So what do I need to change in the demuxer that it passes all the
> right data to the decoder?

The demuxer should do the same thing to VQFL chunks as it does now to 
VQFR tags (passing it to the video decoder).

> <<DEEP inside after avctx->codec->init
> [wsvqa @ 0x88b7ad0]Skipping unknown chunk 0x534E324A
>     Last message repeated 28 times
> [wsvqa @ 0x88b7ad0]FOUND VQFL_TAG
> [wsvqa @ 0x88b7ad0]Skipping unknown chunk 0x534E324A
>     Last message repeated 16 times
> In the vqavideo.c , where it parses the different chunk,
> I added VPRZ_TAG and it is being detected.
> It does detect the CBFZ tag as well and depending on the first byte
> value decoding will take place.
> However it does not find any VPTZ chunk and hence does not do the decoding.

Not surprising. VQA v3 files have none. Please take a moment to glance 
at the file in a hex editor. It will make clearer what tags the decoder 
or demuxer can/should find. So the decoder shouldn't print an error when 
it doesn't find such chunk.

> I am not being able to understand the decoding scheme for V3 , This is
> what I have surmised so
> far ( all from the document ) :

I'm not really familiar with the format, so I hope someone who is can 
help you...


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