[FFmpeg-devel] gsoc application

The Deep Explorer thedeepexplorer
Mon Mar 30 05:14:14 CEST 2009

> A little secret: We don't care that much about the content of your
> application. Just write some nonsense but make a decent effort to make it
> look good. That will make Google happy.

It works for me :) .
> We will be judging you primarily on this qualification task. That will test
> the stuff we really care about.
>> Are patches going to be considered beyond the April 3?
> Absolutely. According to the timeline, it looks like roughly April 14 will
> be our deadline since all student-mentor matches must be made by April 15.

This is absolutely great.

>> I have got stuck on the specs on VQA v3 and it is taking sometime
>> going back and forth for inputs. Look forward to help on that issue.
> Looks like you have some more time.

I do but I want to get my qualification task done by this week. I am
still waiting on
some inputs on the other thread. Without the specs being clear, it is impossible
to write the code.


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