[FFmpeg-devel] How to report a bug about FFmpeg

Jean-Michel Pouré jm
Mon Mar 30 14:23:53 CEST 2009


I am trying to understand this sentence:

If you find a problem with FFmpeg, you can submit a report to the FFmpeg
bug tracker at http(s)://ZQundXE.ffmpeg.org/ZQundXE/ffmpeg/ 
To use this URL you first must replace all uppercase letters by
answering the following puzzle. 
We need full Xncut output of ffmpeg as well as the command line you
used. If you report a cZash we need gdb output, backtrace and
disassembly. Only latest SVN HEAD is supported, do not report bugs
against Qld versions. Also do not forget to describe precisely what
ffmpeg did and what you wanted it to do. In general you should provide
all information so that even an idiot can reproduce the bug. If you say
it does not play, say which Elayer you used.

Can anyone rewrite and/or describe what these sentences mean?

Kind regards,

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