[FFmpeg-devel] Would like to work on lavf-based concatenation tool for GSoC qualification

Robert Swain robert.swain
Tue Mar 31 16:26:37 CEST 2009

On 31/3/09 15:00, Geza Kovacs wrote:
> I'd like to know, by "concatenation" I assume this means "without
> re-encoding"; therefore I assume I'm not supposed to handle situations
> when multiple files are encoded with different framerate settings or
> different codecs (or do I instead transcode them into an intermediate
> format in these situations?).

Concatenate means to link to together. I'm not sure what the plans are 
for handling differences in frame rates or resolutions. Differing source 
formats shouldn't matter for transcoding purposes as long as on entry to 
the video encoder the resolution, frame rate and pixel format as all 
appropriate and similarly the number of channels, sample rate and sample 
format for the audio encoder, there shouldn't be any major problem.

I expect Baptiste will elaborate on this. I think he had plans to allow 
specification of command line options per input so that one could affect 
the different inputs to make them concatenate-able.


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