[FFmpeg-devel] WinCE port and api visibility

Pavel Pavlov pavel
Sat May 9 21:40:27 CEST 2009

> If you can provide clean, portable patches, they are welcome.
> Diego

Attached: zipped svn diff
I removed some my changes manually from the diff, hopefully I didn't
break it.

Inside common.mak I added
-Dinternal_building_$(filter $(ALLFFLIBS),$(subst lib, ,$(subst /,
This is needed to indicate if it's -Dinternal_building_avcodec or
-Dinternal_building_avutil etc; in windows build it's used to properly
mark functions dllimport or dllexport. On unix builds instead of
dllimpor/dllexport all these functions will be marked as
__attribute__ ((visibility("default")))
That means that for unix build there has to be -fvisibility=hidden
specified, so tthat by default everything goes to hidden section

Also, FFMPEG_DLL has to be specified when building dll/dso. On Windows
build static lib cannot be used as is for making dll - it has to be
recompiled with FFMPEG_DLL defined.

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