[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH] libavfilter-soc: implement pad filter

Stefano Sabatini stefano.sabatini-lala
Fri May 22 01:52:03 CEST 2009

On date Thursday 2009-05-21 23:20:51 +0200, Stefano Sabatini encoded:
> On date Wednesday 2009-05-20 20:42:21 +0200, Vitor Sessak encoded:
> > I suppose you didn't test the changes to ffmpeg.c, unless you forgot to  
> > attach the patch for vsrc_buffer.c. I imagine that here handling  
> > avfilter_request_frame() without memcpy'ing the whole frame (as is done  
> > in ffplay.c) would be non trivial.

In attachment an updated patch with the missing changes to

Can someone suggest how would be possible to avoid the initial frame
-> picref memcpy?

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