[FFmpeg-devel] Extract the H.264 decoder part only from FFMPEG

Nhat Huy trannhathuy
Tue Sep 1 08:53:08 CEST 2009

Hi all,
I'm new with FFmpeg. This is my problems:
I want to have a H.264 decoder by using FFmpeg, so can anyone show me how
to extract the H.264 decoder part only from FFMEPG.
It is my understanding that the FFMPEG includes graphic utilities,file
format classifier and so on. What I want is the decoding routine without any
other parts.
It should be like JM-decoder source. The JM takes in bit-stream (*.264) and
produces the decoded file such as sequence of  yuv images.
So, take the decoding part only from FFMPEG so that it runs in the same way
as JM source.
The input to your decoder is H.264 encoded bit stream, then output is
sequence of yuv images.
Is there any solution ?

Thanks so much.

Tran Nhat Huy

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