[FFmpeg-devel] [RFC] rtmpe in ffmpeg

compn tempn
Sun Sep 13 13:51:25 CEST 2009


i was asking kostya if he could implement rtmpe (encrypted version of
rtmp://) and he mentioned that it required a bunch of useless commands.

rtmpdump has the following switches that are required for rtmpe:

--swfUrl|-s url         URL to player swf file
--pageUrl|-p url        Web URL of played programme
--app|-a app            Name of player used
--swfhash|-w hexstring  SHA256 hash of the decompressed SWF file (32
--swfsize|-x num        Size of the decompressed SWF file, required for
--auth|-u string        Authentication string to be appended to the
connect string
--flashVer|-f string    Flash version string (default: "LNX 9,0,124,0")

are these ok for adding into ffmpeg? 
will gnash/swfdec/vlc use ffmpeg's rtmpe code?


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