[FFmpeg-devel] MPEG-TS: stream ID for DTS-HRA under the HDMV regid

Christian P. Schmidt schmidt
Mon Sep 21 15:19:43 CEST 2009

Ian Caulfield wrote:
> Might be worth adding in 0x86 for DTS-HD MA as well, although I don't
> have a test disc myself...

Actually, you're right. The attached patch adds all codec IDs from the
mediainfo tool  ( http://mediainfo.sourceforge.net/ ) for HDMV that have
not yet been in mpegts.c.

It might be interesting to note the following piece of code:

switch (format_identifier)
    case Elements::CUEI :
    case Elements::SCTE : //SCTE
    case Elements::GA94 :
    case Elements::S14A : //ATSC
            switch (stream_type)
                case 0x81 : return "AC-3";
                case 0x82 : return "Text";
                case 0x87 : return "E-AC-3";
                default   : return "";
    case Elements::HDMV : //Bluray

As I think I saw some issues with ATSC streams earlier.

Would it possibly be worthwhile to refactor the stream type detection
into a single table with both REGID and StreamID, instead of per-REGID


> 2009/9/21 Christian P. Schmidt <schmidt at digadd.de>:
>> Hi guys,
>> A bluray wiht DTS-HRA has been encountered in the wild. The changes to
>> the DTS detection in revision 19844 broke detection for DTS-HRA somehow.
>> Attached patch adds the codec ID to the mpeg-ts demuxer.
>> Regards,
>> Christian

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