[FFmpeg-devel] Statistics pseudo-formats

Nicolas George nicolas.george
Thu Sep 24 20:34:39 CEST 2009


I was wondering if ffmpeg developers would consider the addition of pseudo
formats that actually compute statistics.

For example:

ffmpeg -i some-file.ogg -f stats-volume -

would just print volume statistics for the input file.

This would be especially useful for computations that work on several
streams at once, like quality computations:

ffmpeg \
  -i source-file.mpeg \
  -i target-file.h264 \
  -f stats-video-quality - \
  -newvideo -map 0.0:0.0 -map 1.0:0.1

which are much harder to do with simple pipelines, even more so if the
streams are read from a single device (example: correlation statistics
between the audio channels of a bilingual DVB program).

There are at least two such pseudo formats I would like to submit (audio
volume and down-mixing coefficients detection), but I would rather not waste
time implementing the link to lavf API if they would be rejected on


  Nicolas George
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