[FFmpeg-devel] Indeo3 replacement, part 2

Maxim max_pole
Fri Sep 25 10:52:39 CEST 2009

Maxim schrieb:
> Hello guys,
> this is my 2nd try to submit the patch replacing the existing indeo3
> decoder.
> As with my 1st patch I supply the sources directly instead of the
> unified diff because "svn diff" produces a huge file that will be
> blocked by the ffmpeg's mail server...
> Below a small overview of what is done:
> - the source was completely rewritten to use AV_RNxx/AV_WNxx macros.
> This makes the whole stuff more readable...
> - code merging in order to eliminate duplications
> - use of dsputils code whenever possible
> - the source uses the ffmpeg's bitreader for parsing the binary trees
> - better error handling (fewer asserts) allowing resync after errors
> - a lot of cosmetics (indentations, alignments, renaming)
> - tested on PPC. Status -> working
> I tried to take each comment into account! If anything wasn't changed it
> means it most likely couldn't be changed!
> Waiting for further reviews (please cosmetics in a last step!)
> Regards
> Maxim

ping ?

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