[FFmpeg-devel] DaVinci DSP optimizations

Richard Taylor news
Fri Sep 25 23:43:12 CEST 2009

Ramiro Polla wrote:
>>>> JB: There is no free compiler for the c64x DSP
>> [...]
>>>> "normal" people can't use these, so they can't compile it.
>>> Ugh...
>>>> Thus getting that code in ffmpeg source feels pretty weird to me.
>>>> Or is this not a concern ?
>>> It is at least for me.
>> I had the same feeling when I failed to find a free compiler =(
> Just to update. An e-mail was sent to Neuros Technology's contact in TI
> regarding a free compiler but no reply was given yet...
> Ramiro Polla

I'm guessing that this has fallen by the wayside?
Time to drag it back to the surface!

I have been looking at the TI gstreamer plugin that implements DSP 
decode of mpeg2 and mpeg4 video on the DaVinci platforms and wondering 
why the same couldn't be done under ffmpeg?

gstreamer is under L-GPL and the Codec Engine has been integrated into 
I assume the fact that the TI plugin can be built separately to the main 
build is a factor?

With ffmpeg, it would (from my limited understanding) be more tightly 
coupled with the main code base.

I'm not sure about the definition of "free" but all required tools are 
available for download from TI (US export rules permitting):

If I spent the time and effort integrating the DaVinci DMAI / CE into 
ffmpeg, would a patch be willingly accepted, or would it be too much of 
a legal / logistical nightmare to be integrated into the ffmpeg trunk?

My specific goal is to have DSP accelerated decode on the OMAP3530 based 
BeagleBoard for use with MythTV.


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