[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH] add md5 muxer

Michael Kostylev michael.kostylev
Mon Sep 28 12:03:44 CEST 2009

On Mon Sep 28 03:43:59 2009
Diego Biurrun wrote:

>>>>> we have -f crc, but IMO 32 bit crc are a bit little for a whole file and
>>>>> also we use md5sum in the regression tests, so I'd propose to add a -f
>>>>> md5 as in attached patch.
>>>> why md5 instead of sha1?
>>> Because md5 makes more sense for the simple reasons that
>>> 1) we already use it in regression tests
>>> 2) a md5/md5sum binary is available anywhere, I do not know
>>>    something comparable for sha
>> Just for the record, codec-regression.sh contains nothing suitable
>> for NetBSD because md5sum does not exist and -r is unsupported by md5. OTOH:
>> % gmd5sum -b .zshrc
>> 0a4998dca23450d99f6fccee3a28d000 *.zshrc
>> % md5 .zshrc
>> MD5 (.zshrc) = 0a4998dca23450d99f6fccee3a28d000
>> % md5 -n .zshrc
>> 0a4998dca23450d99f6fccee3a28d000 .zshrc
>> % openssl dgst -md5 .zshrc
>> MD5(.zshrc)= 0a4998dca23450d99f6fccee3a28d000
> So what would work reliably?  Patches are welcome.


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