[FFmpeg-devel] libx264 and Delphi

xirexx xirexx
Tue Sep 29 21:34:20 CEST 2009

Try to add this to you Delphi app's startup - it will mask this exception.
Has helped me with other DLLs in Delphi as well.

On Tue, Sep 29, 2009 at 4:39 PM, Evgeniy Polevshikov
<polevshikov at inbox.ru>wrote:

> Dear developers,
> I met the following issue.
> Some time ago I have created COM object which is simple video converter,
> i.e. wrapper of FFMPEG.
> COM object was developed in MS Visual Studio 2008.
> I've created console test application which calls methods of this COM and
> converts video files without any errors/exceptions. Test application was
> developed in Visual Studio too.
> Then I have decided to test my COM in Delphi.
> I have found out that in a case when methods of COM-object are called from
> Delphi there is an error at
> avcodec_open(..) for H264 codec - it raises exception "Invalid floating
> point operation".
> But there is no exceptions in avcodec_open(..) if I call COM from console
> application.
> Does somebody met this kind of errors?
> May be there are some restrictions of ffmpeg which cause this exception?
> Thanks in advance.
> PS: other encoders runs perfectly without any exceptions.
> Evgeniy.
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