[FFmpeg-devel] add MJPEG support into RTP output

Luca Abeni lucabe72
Thu Apr 8 16:29:49 CEST 2010


shawn shawn wrote:
>    According to all said, i have change it,
>  1. use ff_rtp_send_data, not split it
>  2. change a=rtpmap:%d MJPEG/30000\r\n to a=rtpmap:%d JPEG/90000\r\n
>  3. tidy up some code and add some comment about rfc number
>  4. add a new file rtpenc_mjpeg.c
>  5.  "tspec", "type", and "q" fields always set to 0, because rfc
> defined a range, maybe we can set some input parameters, but now i
> have not do it.
>  I have test VLC media player, add this header it not work, if don't
> add it can work, However, according to rfc documents 2435,
> i think we should add it.
> Thank you for everyone's reply

I see that Martin already pointed out some issues... Anyway, I tested
your patch, with
ffmpeg -i <input file> -an -re -vcodec mjpeg -f rtp rtp://
and then playing the generated SDP with vlc.

Unfortunately, it seems that vlc does not like this stream (it prints
some errors, and does not display the video).
So, I suppose that setting q, type and tspec to 0 maybe is not a good
Or maybe the JPEG bitstream has to be processed somehow before inserting
it in the RTP payload (I did not read RFC 2435 yet).


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