[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH / RFC] Deshake / stabilize filter

Daniel G. Taylor dan
Mon Apr 12 18:49:47 CEST 2010


Attached is a filter I wrote over the weekend for fun to stabilize an 
input video by shifting frames horizontally and vertically. It's fast 
(uses MMX/SSE/etc) and fairly accurate.

I am just learning about block matching, motion searches, and various 
other concepts and this is an algorithm I came up with reading various 
things online and in some free papers. The algorithm is described in the 
comments of the patch in plain English. There are still a few things I'm 
confused about / working on but here are some quick results from my Vado 
HD pocket camera in a real world scenario:


And here is an unrealistic example to show the strengths and weaknesses 
of the filter in its current state (e.g. no rotation support):


The filter is licensed under the LGPL and I'd like to:

   1. Ask for comments, suggestions, etc to make it better
   2. Get it into FFmpeg trunk

I also found this while searching and realized it uses a very similar 
algorithm but does a full matrix transform and detects rotation which 
seems works really well but is significantly slower and GPL:


Take care,
Daniel G. Taylor
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