[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH 2/2] Autodetect pthreads

Sebastian Vater cdgs.basty
Mon Apr 19 21:13:01 CEST 2010

Hi a 2nd time!

Jason Garrett-Glaser a ?crit :
> This is because ffmpeg refuses to add the necessary support code for
> static pthreads.
This is not a ffmpeg issue, I also get this behaviour when creating
wxWidgets/QT4 apps, for example.

Even if you use -static-libgcc as compile switch it still requires

It has to do with exception throwing across DLL boundaries, which
requires this always as a shared library.
> Anyways, Mans has expressed the opinion on IRC that --enable-libx264
> shouldn't work by default.  He also thinks that:
I agree here with Mans, because X.264 is a codec mined with software
patents (this being the same reason latest firefox also won't include it
within HTML5).
> pkg-config support should be removed (thus breaking Dirac and Schroedinger).
> Dirac should be removed too, because he doesn't like it.
Don't know if these codecs are patented, too.
> The defaults should never be changed, even if they are broken.
> The fact that --enable-libx264 doesn't compile correctly by default
> and results in a link error is FINE and SHOULD NOT BE FIXED.
> Furthermore, I should not be allowed to fix x264 to compile correctly
> by default.
> Furthermore, if I even try to fix the x264 check in configure, which
> is currently broken, he told me that he will remove my commit rights.
That sounds bad. But as I said, there are patent issues with X.264.
> If he denies any of these, read the fucking logs, because he just said
> it all in a publicly logged chat.
Haven't read the log yet, but I will be online tonight there.
> Apparently mru doesn't want me developing ffmpeg.  I'm just a lowly
> x264 maintainer who periodically tosses in a few patches for H.264,
> VC-1, and Theora.  mru is one of the lead developers.  Who am I to
> argue with him?
> I'm out.  Bye.
Hey, don't see that too strong.

Just sleep a night about it, and tomorrow everything will look better,
it's pretty normal to have some disagreements within greater development

I think we will find a solution for this which fits for all. ;-)


Best regards,
                   :-) Basty/CDGS (-:

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