[FFmpeg-devel] Encoding to SWF with -vcodec mjpeg creates an unreadable SWF

Michael Niedermayer michaelni
Wed Apr 28 11:41:44 CEST 2010

On Wed, Apr 28, 2010 at 11:25:52AM +0300, Alexander Almaleh wrote:
> >
> > > I think this is a bug but I don't know what causes it.
> >
> > If you don't intend to send a patch, please read
> > http://ffmpeg.org/bugreports.html
> I can't send a patch because don't know what is the cause of the bug or the
> solution, only the symptoms :) It is a bug though, I think.
> I'll try to follow the instructions from the link
> > What you were trying to accomplish (e.g., "I am trying to transcode from
> this format to that format...")
> Encode a file in SWF with mjpeg video (the input format doesn't matter)
> > The problem you encountered (e.g., "ffmpeg crashed" or "The output video
> was all green")
> The resulting SWF file couldn't be read by ffmpeg, i.e. "ffmpeg -i
> output.swf" gave this:
>  "Error: unknown format"
> The reason is the first two bytes are 0, instead of an 'F'  and a 'W'
> > The exact command line you were using (e.g., "ffmpeg -i input.mov -an
> -vcodec foo output.avi")
> ffmpeg.exe -i input.flv -vcodec mjpeg -y output.swf
> > The full, uncut console output provided by ffmpeg -v 9 -loglevel 99 -i
> followed by the name of your input file (copy/pasted from the
> > console, including the banner that indicates version and configuration
> options), paste ffplay output only if your problem is not
> > reproducible with ffmpeg.
> When I tried that ffmpeg gave me an error saying loglevel was unrecognized
> option. So I'll remove the loglevel.
> The output is big, it's around 40 KB, but I'll try to just paste it here:
> Lastly, I don't need to submit any samples, it happens with ALL input files.
> -----------------------------------------
> FFmpeg version 0.5.1, Copyright (c) 2000-2009 Fabrice Bellard, et al.

we only support svn head, 0.5.1 is not supported

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