[FFmpeg-devel] [GIT] ready by the weekend

Justin Ruggles justin.ruggles
Wed Dec 1 21:54:44 CET 2010

On 12/01/2010 04:21 AM, Luca Barbato wrote:

> On 11/18/2010 09:19 PM, Anton Khirnov wrote:
>> On Thu, Nov 18, 2010 at 03:02:00PM +0100, Luca Barbato wrote:
>>> On 11/18/2010 11:58 AM, Luca Barbato wrote:
>>>> On 11/18/2010 11:07 AM, Michael Niedermayer wrote:
>>>>> I think wiki is not a good idea as resting place for the final document.
>>>>> maybe iam paranoid ...
>>>> We need a place to start putting it together.
>>>> Then it can live in the source tree or web tree.
>>> Here the initial diff to the svn-howto.txt
>>> Once I complete all the section it could live in the ffmpeg docs dir.
>>> lu
>> attaching the complete file would be much more readable IMO
> [...]
> Thank you.
> Here a small update with git add -A to track file removal and some
> reordering (e.g. git pull before the general case)

>     git commit
>   Git will commit the selected changes to your current local branch.
>   You will be prompted for a log message in an editor, which is either
>   set in your personal configuration file throught
>     git config core.editor
>   or set by one of the following environment variables:
>   Log messages should be concise but descriptive. Explain why you made a change,
>   what you did will be obvious from the changes themselves most of the time.
>   Saying just "bug fix" or "10l" is bad. Remember that people of varying skill
>   levels look at and educate themselves while reading through your code. Don't
>   include filenames in log messages, Git provides that information.
>   Possibly make the commit message have a terse, descriptive first line, an
>   empty line and then a full description. The first line will be used to name
>   the patch by git format-patch.

Should we continue to limit commit messages to 80 chars per line?


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