[FFmpeg-devel] [GIT] ready by the weekend

Luca Barbato lu_zero
Wed Dec 1 22:32:42 CET 2010

On 12/1/10 10:24 PM, Rob wrote:
> I know how to use git and I think it's easier to unwittingly screw up
> with git and end up with no feet. ;) So, personally I think it's good
> to have this guide be quite detailed and explicit and perhaps have a
> warning that if people are unsure, they should ask.
> I can quite well imagine someone screwing up a bit and making
> something messy happen in the public repo and then someone who knows
> how to use git exploding all over them for doing so. Or people may be
> more tolerant of mistakes and we just fix them as we go, I dunno.

How about

"Always either push to your public tree or send the changes as email 
before even thinking about issuing git push" ?

Or adding a staging tree so everybody can push and ask others to 
evaluate and merge to the main?

in git you hardly screw up others (beside while using git push -f)


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