[FFmpeg-devel] Script for migrating branches to the new git

Martin Storsjö martin
Fri Dec 3 09:08:51 CET 2010


Those of you who already have a lot of ffmpeg git branches not based on 
the (soon to be) canonical new git repository probably will want to rebase 
these onto the new tree. If you have a lot of them, some that you just 
want to keep for archival (which e.g. can't be rebased onto the latest 
master without conflict), you probably would want them rebased to the same 
spot in the new tree as where they were branched off on the old one.

I made such a script, attached, that accomplishes this in two different 
ways. (It probably only is capable of handling branches without merges.) 
If you might have use for this, have a look, and if you've got tips on how 
to solve it more elegantly, let me know.

It can either do it by a filter-branch, where the libswscale files from 
the attachment point are readded on the branch, or via a much simpler 
rebase command. filter-branch is a better approach since it doesn't touch 
the committer date, making the conversion identical if rerun. (Also, if 
you've got lots of old archival branches, you don't want all of them to 
have the committer date updated, making branch listings sorted by latest 
update go nuts.)

// Martin
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