[FFmpeg-devel] Gray screen on H.264 RTSP decode

Martin Storsjö martin
Sun Dec 5 18:30:24 CET 2010

On Sun, 5 Dec 2010, Stas Oskin wrote:

> >
> > Attached is the pastie from FFMPEG session, will try to catch a VLC
> > session:
> >
> >
> Here is the VLC session:
> http://pastie.org/private/6i49xuehmycyeeiclrhsua
> From the quick comparison, the sessions look the same, so I guess that the
> issue is in the depacketizer.

Is this stream publicly available somewhere? If not, a wireshark capture 
of it is a good reproducible and redistributable sample that we can work 

// Martin

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