[FFmpeg-devel] [RFC] unix socket protocol and our proto situation

Thu Dec 16 09:39:50 CET 2010

> > > > That said, let's start with the quickest of
> the two: who's against
> > > > changing the default to an higher value (as
> in my previous patch) ?
> > > 
> > > Fine with me.
> > 
> > Fine with me, too.
> The patch could btw use some small comment saying why this
> is larger than 
> the maximum UDP packet size (when the name currently is
> perhaps just rename the define to UDP_RX_BUF_SIZE.

This helps, was my first modifications. But i still got lots of errors on high rate channels hence the addition of a 2Mb circular buffer.

As ive said before when ffmpeg is probing the circular buffer can use upto and over 800k whilst its doing the probing and before it starts encoding, and the frame rate usually starts over 100fps as it eats the circular data, after a while if drops down to the correct frame rate.



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