[FFmpeg-devel] Multiple [in] in filtergraph syntax

tajz tajz
Sat Dec 18 18:37:33 CET 2010


I am new to ffmpeg. I successfully build from sources (last trunk).
I read doc, some posts related to multiple inputs and mixing, and a bit
of source code.

I see that one can give multiple "-i file" to ffmpeg, but it seems there
is only one main source "[in]" in a video filter graph ("-vf").

I would like to mix two videos, using a filtergraph like :
"[in1] scale=100x50 [vid1]; [vid1] [in2] overlay [out]".

But it seems that only the first '-i' file is attached to the [in]
stream of the filtergraph syntax.
In graphparser.c I found "[in]", and it seems there is no other built-in

"overlay"-ing a "color" sourced stream other the first "-i" works. I
just want to overlay another a second "-i" to the first.

Am I right ?
Is there a plan to support this feature (having each '-i' input
magically mapped to a [in1], [in2], etc stream) ?

Thank you.
Thierry Bernier

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