[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH] write AC-3 metadata

Kieran Kunhya kieran
Tue Dec 21 23:20:30 CET 2010

> Date: Tuesday, 21 December, 2010, 21:56
> Hi,
> This patch adds writing of AC-3 metadata to the AC-3
> encoder.
> I chose to use AVOption instead of trying to move the
> metadata API to
> libavcodec because the AC-3 metadata isn't just regular
> metadata.? Even
> though it is not audio data, many of the fields actually
> affect decoding.
> Some of the options use integers to set a specific code
> value rather
> than using a float value directly (e.g. mixing
> levels).? It looks a bit
> ugly, but I chose to do this because there are only a few
> valid values.
>  Trying to determine which value the user wants by
> comparing floats
> seems more complicated.? Plus this allows the help
> text to tell the user
> what the valid values are for those options.
> Thanks,
> Justin

Is there any possibility of making these metadata options changeable per frame? Quite useful for broadcast applications when the metadata needs to be different during advertising or during specific programming.

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