[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH] MP3 Decoder crash

David Czech davidczech510
Thu Dec 23 20:52:09 CET 2010

So, I found another crash with av_rescale, this time from an mp3 decoder.
Ticket here: http://roundup.ffmpeg.org/issue2442. (Sorry I forgot to upload
the backtrace, got distracted investigating the issue.)

Basically mp3.c checks for (!frames && !size), then checks for size again,
but doesn't check frames before calling av_rescale.
If frames = 0, av_rescale(a,b, frame * x) calls av_rescale with c=0 which
causes the assertion error again. I'm not sure what the best solution for
av_rescale's assertion would be,
but I can fix the mp3 with either patch found on the ticket (and the one
I'll upload here).

OK, Thanks.
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