[FFmpeg-devel] Embedding binary data in video files (was LRC (music lyrics))

tajz tajz
Tue Dec 28 19:39:58 CET 2010

[as : [FFmpeg-devel] LRC (music lyrics) muxer and demuxer]

Aurelien Jacobs a ?crit :
> On Sun, Dec 26, 2010 at 11:45:50PM +1100, Peter Ross wrote:
>> Typical sample: http://lrc.awardspace.us/lrc/Evanescence-Missing.lrc


I would like to tie 'meta' binary data to my video.

I see that for text data some people are using the Metadata API.
It would work as I need to read the data at opening, not in sync with 
the audio/video stream.

Do you think that for binary data I could (should ?) use a 
Is it supported by many (every ?) format ?

Or else, I was thinking to uuencode my binary data to put it in a 
Metadata value (about 10Kbytes).

What would be your suggestion ?
Thierry Bernier

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