[FFmpeg-devel] PATCH: mpegtsenc.c

Sun Dec 12 19:48:31 CET 2010

Hi new user here.

I have the following patch which allows the user through the --metadata to also change the provider name on TS files, a bit like the title option changes the service name.

Now i have also another patch but wanted to make sure i am doing this right as i have only just started using linux in earnest and things like diff are new to me.

My second patch which i will post later is to do with UDP and decode errors i was getting, i posted the question earlier to the other list and the only answer posted was "yeah, udp does that so you need to create a different thread to receive the data". I have done that by changing UDP.C to create a receive thread which creates a circular buffer for the receiving of the data and this works but i am still getting decode errors on the incoming mpeg2 ts.

I am going to add in debug to make sure that the received packets are consistent, checking the CC counter etc.


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