[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH] encode mov metadata to UTF-8

Burkhard Plaum plaum
Wed Feb 3 16:36:16 CET 2010


Fran?ois Revol <revol <at> free.fr> writes:

> > Hello,
> > not sure if it is correct, since it assumes metadata is store in 
> > latin-1 for
> > all the cases that code handles, however it fixes the output for
> > http://samples.mplayerhq.hu/V-codecs/SVQ3/Vertical400kbit.sorenson3.mov
> > > correctly displaying the (c) sign (on and UTF-8 console at least).
> Does the QT specs say anything about the encoding ?

There are contstants for the language and for each language there is an
encoding defined:


"smRoman", which is used for western languages, seems to be *almost* 
identical to Latin1. In iconv, "smRoman" is called "MACINTOSH".

Some years ago I gathered all infos I could find and put them here:



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