[FFmpeg-devel] Bug in the mpeg-ts writer code

Mike Scheutzow scheutzow
Tue Feb 16 15:58:27 CET 2010

Yann Coupin wrote:
> Just to clarify because I'm not used to the quality process of the project,
> is the file b-lavf.ts a result file that should be produced or a file that
> is compared against the result of a test encoding that I should replace with
> a newly produced file that's now valid with the fix? And what about
> seek.regression.ref, what's this file used for?

If you run 'make lavftest', then some regression tests are executed for 

The 'known good' CRC is stored in a subdirectory of $FFMPEG/tests/ref/, 
and your newly-created file and its new crc is in $FFMPEG/tests/data/

The regression script will complain if the CRCs do not match.

Carl is requesting that you include the diff between
in your patch.

A full set of regression tests is run with 'make test'. it takes a few 
  minutes to run (depends on how fast your computer is.)

Mike Scheutzow

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