[FFmpeg-devel] Bug in the mpeg-ts writer code

Baptiste Coudurier baptiste.coudurier
Wed Feb 17 23:25:09 CET 2010

Hi Carl Eugen,

On 02/16/2010 07:51 PM, Carl Eugen Hoyos wrote:
> Yann Coupin<yann.coupin+ffmpeg<at>  gmail.com>  writes:
>>> While it is no problem to use git-diff and mpegtsenc.c does not change
>>> frequently, the expected method is to checkout latest svn and use svn di
>>> from
>>> the main FFmpeg directory to produce a patch.
>> I did that this time. I'm just more used to work with git and so choose the
>> easy route :)
> Thank you for using svn - I should however note that git-diff is definitely
> acceptable to send patches!
> [...]
>> And attached is a version with the modified regression tests (which
>> fortunately enough succeeds :)
> Baptiste, could you comment?
> Yann, Mike, is one of you using a stream analyser? If yes, I am tempted to apply
> your patch...

The patch is good, however the first cc will be 1, I'd prefer if it 
would be 0.

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