[FFmpeg-devel] Small Task M95 playback system for GSOC10

Federico undicizeri
Mon Feb 22 09:14:53 CET 2010

Hi everybody,
I am a student and I'd like to participate in GSOC10.
For Small Tasks I selected to implement the M95 playback system ( I
hope is simply enough :P).
I'm new to ffmpeg codebase and I already have some questions: for the
M95 video codec I need to register the codec first, but in
libavcodec/avcodec.h there isn't the CODEC_ID for M95. Plus the wiki
and the file itself say changing/adding codec id to the list will
brake binary compatibility, so how can I insert the M95 codec?

Another question: In the m95 wiki page there is a table of the frame
description but there are a lot of unknown offset. Are these offset
useless or I have to use them somehow to decode the files?

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