[FFmpeg-devel] compile issues under mingw-cross-env

John Calcote john.calcote
Sun Jul 11 06:35:46 CEST 2010

On 7/10/2010 3:10 PM, M?ns Rullg?rd wrote:
> John Calcote <john.calcote at gmail.com> writes:
>>>> 2) I had to remove the definition of _POSIX_C_SOURCE=200112 because
>>>> defining it causes pid_t to not be defined in sched.h.
>>> Wrong again.  We do not use sched.h at all.  We include sys/wait.h,
>>> which defers to sys/types.h for the pid_t type.  The standard requires
>>> that sys/types.h define pid_t with no extra conditions imposed.
>> You're probably unaware of how pid_t is defined through sched.h via
>> mingw's pthread.h file. I'm not trying to tell you you're wrong - I'm
>> sure this is a very platform (mingw) specific thing.
> How mingw defines pid_t is none of my concern.  Since it, apparently,
> does have the unistd.h and sys/wait.h headers, it is insane of it not
> to define the types these are _required_ to provide by the standard
> they came from in the first place (I realise mingw is not a full POSIX
> environment).

They may very well have a problem. I'll approach them on the cross-env
mailing list and see if they're aware of it and what they have to say
about it.

>>>> After making these changes in the generated config.mak file, ffmpeg and
>>>> utilities compiled - not cleanly, mind you, but at least as cleanly as
>>>> it does in normal non-cross builds.
>>> What is that supposed to mean?  Condescending remarks like that will
>>> not win our hearts.
>> I'm sorry. I really didn't mean to sound condescending. I can see how it
>> came across that way. I was simply trying to say that there aren't any
>> more warnings than there normally are. Please accept my apologies.
> Warnings != unclean.  Those who insist on having no warnings have
> obviously never written code to be compiled with over a dozen
> different compilers.  Keeping them all warning-free at the same time
> is generally impossible.

Yes, I agree. I wasn't even trying to imply ffmpeg was unclean - only
that the set of warnings I got in my mingw env was comparable to a
non-cross build. I don't think I ever said it was unclean. But (again) I
certainly see how my original remarks could have been taken as abrasive.
Again, I'm sorry.

Thanks for the feedback.


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