[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH] swscale: Only copy dstW/chrDstW of the last line in the plane in planar copy

Martin Storsjö martin
Fri Jul 16 09:14:53 CEST 2010


The attached patch makes planarCopyWrapper all lines but the last in one 
block, then copies only dstW/chrDstW of the last line.

If the destination planes are offset within their buffer, copying the 
whole plane in one memcpy may write outside of the destination buffer.

A concrete example: The source data is 144x144, stored in the upper left 
corner of a 176x144 buffer. If this is "scaled" into 144x144 into another 
176x144 buffer, but centered into this buffer, the approach wich memcpying 
the whole plane writes outside of the destination buffer.

// Martin
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