[FFmpeg-devel] May RockPlayer be added to the FFmpeg-based Projects?

pin xue pinxue
Sat Jul 17 20:45:51 CEST 2010

Hi There,

RockPlayer is a new comer of video player running on android platform. It
has been dynamic linked to the .so compiled from LGPL portion of FFMPEG
project to decode many audio and video format. More details may be found at
htttp://www.anplayer.com .

We have credit FFMPEG project in the about dialog of the software, you may
find it by pressing menu in the software, click settings, the about is the
top one. We didn't put the about dialog in the menu directly, because 320
pixels screen can only contain three buttons for easily finger touching.

We also provided source code of the .so includes Android.mk, so that any
developer interested may compile it easily with Android NDK. It is published
at http://www.anplayer.com/tech_en.html . If future, we plan to add more
entries to that page like popular science of video decoding.

RockPlayer is mainly distributed via Google Android Market. It is a
commercial product, released as free version with advertise, the advertise
may be removed by purchasing and activation.

I'm member of the development team and sending out this request to be part
of that list on behalf of the creator team. If you experts feel there is
anything to be improved to credit the FFMPEG project or LGPL license better,
feel free to tell us, we will try our best to improve it.

Best Regards!

Yang Wu
Location: Pudong, Shanghai, China.
EMail    : pinxue at gmail.com
Website: http://www.anplayer.com

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