[FFmpeg-devel] avf_sdp_create problem

Dominik Tomczak dominiktomczak
Mon Jul 19 17:15:47 CEST 2010


In FFmpeg libavformat I open the url by
url_fopen( &m_fmtCtx->pb, "rtp://localhost:7777", URL_WRONLY );

then I want to generate SDP from this URL context. I call.

the generated SDP file does not include port number. It should be 7777 but
is always 0. I looked into sdp.c code, function sdp_get_address and it
always returns 0 for port if the protocol is RTP.
How can I generate SDP file for RTP (video codec h264) so that VLC can
correctly play the stream?


Dominik Tomczak

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