[FFmpeg-devel] rtmp support and librtmp

aviad rozenhek aviadr1
Wed Jun 2 15:42:53 CEST 2010

> librtmp has been tested mainly against Adobe servers.
> ffmpeg's use of librtmp involves only a few API calls; anything that might
> be wrong in librtmp will have to be discussed and fixed on the rtmpdump
> list.
> --
>  -- Howard Chu

I'm using ffmpeg r23391 with librtmp support, trying to read data from an
FMS 3.5.1.
I've managed to stream to the FMS using the following cmdline, and was able
to view the stream using a flash player connected to FMS.

./ffmpeg -re -i myfile -f flv rtmp://myserver/live/mystream

however using the equivalent ffplay cmdline to stream from FMS does not work
for me

./ffplay rtmp://myserver/live/mystream

it says the stream is not found

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