[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH] RTP H.264 / AVC support

Howard Chu hyc
Thu Jun 3 00:45:18 CEST 2010

Luca Abeni wrote:
> Ok, I re-read the whole thread, and I agree that maybe I have been
> not clear enough in describing how I think the patch should look like.
> Let me apologise about that.
> So, instead of writing another long email to explain my idea (with the
> risk of being unclear again), I tried to write down some code to
> better explain it (warning: the attached thing works for me, but it is
> just a 5 minutes hack intended to explain an idea... It probably misses
> some error checking, I did not run patchcheck on it, etc...).
> The attached patch tries to explain how I think the sdp.c modifications
> should look like (it does not address the rtpenc_h264.c modifications
> yet). It uses a bitstream filter (and it requires a small modification /
> improvement to the mp4toannexb bsf), because the SDP is written only one
> time, before starting the stream... So a small memcopy and memory
> reallocation cannot be a problem.
> I ran some minimal tests, and it works here (maybe it fails in some
> other cases, but it is just a proof of concept)

OK, I've taken your patch and moved a few things around and run it thru 
patcheck. The only warning from it now is spurious (possibly unused var which 
is definitely used).

And I've brought my other patches forward since you seemed to be OK with them 
in your previous reply. So again, it's working for me too.
> Regarding the rtpenc_h264.c modifications, I think that introducing a
> static inline const uint8_t *ff_avc_find_startcode_avc(const uint8_t *p, const uint8_t *end, int nal_length_size)
> or a
> static inline int ff_avc_nal_size_avc(const uint8_t *p, int nal_length_size)
> helper (that can be shared with the bsf and with h264.c) can help in
> writing a small patch.

I took a stab at this but just getting the length isn't really very useful in 
terms of minimizing code.

#include "libavcodec/bytestream.h"
static inline int ff_avc_nal_size_avc(const uint8_t **p, int nal_length_size)
     int nalsize;
     switch(nal_length_size) {
     case 1: nalsize = **p; break;
     case 2: nalsize = AV_RB16(*p); break;
     default: nalsize = AV_RB32(*p); break;
     *p += nal_length_size;
     return nalsize;

I don't think that's helpful enough to bother with.

   -- Howard Chu
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