[FFmpeg-devel] MJPG decoder picture quality

Pavel Pavlov pavel
Wed Jun 9 19:09:38 CEST 2010

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> >  [Pavel Pavlov]
> > I use libavcodec, not the ffmpeg cmd line app.
> you post on a development list, we assume you know how to convert that ;)

 [Pavel Pavlov] 
Well, as long as search returns anything that matches these cmd line switches then obviously it's a minute task to find out what I needed to use. I was primarily asking about that comment related to color_range and how to set that (search didn't return anything usefull). That question was already answered by Baptiste: " Decoders should set AVCodecContext->color_range ..."

> >
> > [Pavel Pavlov]
> > I tried: ffplay -f rawvideo Tulips_1024x768.yuv.bin -pix_fmt yuv444p
> > -s 1024x768 It didn't work (window is just a black square).
> could be your hw not supporting such large overlays and SDL send us a patch
> that finally frees ffplay from SDL

 [Pavel Pavlov] 
Not likely, I have a recent pc and yay.exe that I compiled for yuv images has my modifications to support other formats and it uses sdl yuv surface and it works just fine. The thing is that yay (freshmeat.net/projects/yay) doesn't try to open YUV444 surface (which probably isn't well supported by HW), yay seems to drop half of these channels and convert this way from 444 to 420. That's probably why the colors in my original png looked cold.
What's the problem with sdl? I think it's totally ok for use with large projects and for modern PC's if you don't have requirements to battle with slow cpu (yuv overlay in sdl I think is written in such a way so that if HW doesn't support requested format then sdl will convert it in software).

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