[FFmpeg-devel] bug with multitracks file

Larbi Joubala larbi.joubala
Tue Jun 22 10:49:08 CEST 2010


We have patched our ffmpeg to support multitracks file (> 20 tracks). We 
have done this because we work with multitracks file (MP4 and ASF). When 
we launch the ffmpeg command above to just display the characteristics 
of the input file, ffmpeg displays the 3 video tracks and 23 audio 
tracks. So the patch works. But the patch works only until a certain 
version of ffmpeg. Recent versions of ffmpeg(roughly > 23200) makes the 
patch doesn't work. When we say the patch doesn't work that's because 
when we launch the ffmpeg command above, ffmpeg only displays one video 
track and one audio track.

ffpmpeg -i "3wmv3_23wma2.wmv"

the file "3wmv3_23wma2.wmv" with a README and the patch have been 
uploaded into MPlayer FTP server /MPlayer/incoming/multitracks_file_bug.

Larbi Joubala
Resonate MP4

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