[FFmpeg-devel] H.264 MVC

Peter Wimmer pwimmer
Mon Jun 28 14:01:42 CEST 2010

> In ffmpeg as well as any sane software a rectangular image (or plane
> is represented by pointer, width, height and a stride (address distance
> one line to the next).
> In this representation, side-by-side can be separated into the two views
just as
> easily as top-bottom without any copying/deinterleaving.
> Same goes for the decoders: the existing H.264 decoder could decode a
> frame 1920 pixels wide into a buffer 3840 pixels wide, no code change
> needed.
> So i think side-by-side is just as good in the sense of memory
organisation as
> top-bottom and seems to be used more widely.

That's true. Anyway, the organization of the output buffers has not highest
priority for now, I'm still struggling with basic issues: Understanding the
H.264 spec, the ffmpeg H.264 implementation and getting the stuff compile
under Windows so that I can debug it with VS or find another solution that
allows me to debug it.


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