[FFmpeg-devel] BDAV blu ray muxer format/specs

Carl Eugen Hoyos cehoyos
Tue Jun 29 21:12:45 CEST 2010

U. George <netbeans <at> gatworks.com> writes:

> On 06/29/2010 04:30 AM, Carl Eugen Hoyos wrote:
> >> >  Can someone point me to where I can find the specs for creating a BDAV
> >> >  muxer?
> > Not knowing much about transport streams, I believe you should try to
> > (re-)mux H264, VC-1 and several audio codecs into a transport stream. If
> > I'm not wrong, you will find plenty of things to work on as a starting
> > point.
> >
> Its not clear to me if u ment to say that there are muxers avail to 
> create a file that contains h264, and vc3 streams


> -OR-
> that there are projects in need of assistance to get a muxer working 
> enough to be usable on blu ray/dvd/(all sorts of) video players.

I may not understand your message, however:
m2ts, the media container format used on Blu-ray, is based on MPEG-2 transport
stream. FFmpeg contains a demuxer and a muxer for this format. Since the demuxer
supports m2ts, I assume that the format possibly contains some restrictions
compared to MPEG-2 TS, but is not completely different.
AFAIR (and I'd love to be corrected), only MPEG-2 is currently supported as
video format for the muxer, and at least not many audio formats are supported.
So if you want to work on Blu-ray muxing support, you should imo start to test
(re-)muxing VC-1, H-264, DTS, TrueHD and E-AC-3 into a MPEG-2 transport stream,
like this you will likely find bugs (or missing features) you can work on.

Carl Eugen

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