[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH] move put_v from nutenc.c and make it public in avio.h and aviobuf.c

Michael Chinen mchinen
Wed Jun 30 13:09:58 CEST 2010

I want to use put_v in utils.c, but it is a private function in
nutenc.c.  Seems like it should be moved to avio.h and made public
with the other ByteIOContext put* funcs.
I recently committed this to soc but learned it should be put in the devel ML.

More info from the soc svn log:
Moving put_v and get_length (which put_v uses) to aviobuf.c and avio.h
as public functions.
put_v used to be static in nutenc.c, but it is a general purpose tool
that can be useful for saving the index table to a file.
get_length is also made public because it is used within nutenc.c as well.
Unlike my previous patch commits, I hope this one can be reviewed and
commited soon since it is independent of seeking api changes.
Patch is against most current revision (23893)
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