[FFmpeg-devel] libavformat file handling

Peter Staab PixStaMP
Thu Nov 11 15:59:16 CET 2010


I am porting ffmpeg to Symbian OS, including libavcodec, libavutil, and libavformat (libswscale comes later; I could not make it work yet). Now, Symbian seems to need different file handling than currently implemented in libavformat. 
For first tests I am using "output_example.c" included in the ffmpeg package. The code fails exactly in "url_fopen(&(ByteIOContext), const char* filename, URL_WRONLY)". I tried to track down the exact location where the file is opened, but without success.
First, in "aviobuf.c" the function "url_fopen(ByteIOContext *s, const char *filename, int flags)" is called, which calls "int url_open(URLContext **puc, const char *filename, int flags)" in "avio.c". How does it continue? Where is the file actually created/opened for writing?

I would really appriciate some hints because I have been struggling arround with this issue for hours...

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