[FFmpeg-devel] AC3 audio encoding license questions

Kieran Kunhya kieran
Sat Nov 13 03:02:56 CET 2010

> Not sure this is the correct list, but the question is: does anyone know
> if the use of AC3 as defined in ATSC A52B(AC3) standard requires a
> license as long as it's stated just that way (no use of the Dolby
> trademark etc.)? It would seem that any patent relating to what's in the
> standard would have expired by now. But I have done a ton of searching
> and there's really no information that I can find. And asking dolby...
> well...

Such a licence must exist because ATSC Specifications require RAND patent licensing. The information exists buried on the ATSC website:


Please tell us what you find. There are other people interested in doing something similar.

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